Hot Melt Hand Guns




Wes Adhesives supplies a wide variety of Bostik and Pam Fastening glue stick and bulk spray/extrusion hand applicators.  Hand held glue stick guns are compatible with 1/2" and 3/4" diameter glue sticks.  A wide variety of glue sticks are available capable of handling the most difficult job.

Bostik tg-4 glue gun glue stick hand gun

Wes Adhesives also supplies Pam Fastening bulk adhesive spray and extrusion hand applicators.  These hand applicators are the perfect choice for larger jobs requiring more speed and adhesive usage.  These bulk spray and extrusion units are designed for bulk plugs, pillows, chips and granuals.  Pam Fastening also features hand held units designed for PUR (polyurethane resin) and other thermoset hot melt cartriges, as well as a unit designed for bulk polyamide, polyester, and other high temp adhesives. These units are available in both spray or extrusion models.



Pam HB700K (PUR) Pam HB700


If you have questions regarding hot melt glue guns feel free to call us at 713-434-8484 (Houston) or 972-446-2900 (Dallas) or email us at JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING

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